Bali travel guide for first timers

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Bali travel guide and tips for the first timers

Bali or the island of the gods has so much to offer; beaches, temples, waterfalls, rice fields, volcanoes, happening restaurants, and bars- to name a few. However, the first time in Bali would require proper planning since the island is huge and it’s difficult to choose where to stay, eat and how not to miss out on any activity that the magical island is offering. So all the first timer’s out there, sit back relaxed and we will tell you everything you need to know about how to plan your trip to Bali with this Bali travel guide:

1. Best time to visit Bali

The first step of the ladder of Bali travel guide- Deciding the time and duration.

Round the year, Bali is warm and has two main seasons, the dry season and the wet season from April to September and October to March respectively. However, in the months of July and August, the island gets completely overcrowded and hotel prices surge like anything as compared to other months. The other peak time of the year where Bali is again overcrowded is Christmas, Easter holidays and New year’s. Unless you like being in the crowd, the best time to visit Bali is in the months of May, June, and September where you can enjoy the mesmerizing weather along with very less crowd around.

2. Where to stay

Bali is huge and kindly do not underestimate its size. From South Bali to North Bali, it can take you around 4 hours depending on the traffic.  Now, since you’re traveling for the first time I’d recommend you stay at South Bali or Central Bali as it is more tourist friendly and you’ll find more English speakers there.

Here are some best options that I’d recommend:

A. Kuta

The wild side of Bali. If you’re a party freak and want to explore the best nightlife, beach bars, and shopping, This is where you should go.

B. Seminyak:

If, at all, Kuta is too crazy for you and you want to live a fine life by the beach, enjoy watersports I’d recommend you head to Seminyak.

C. Canggu

This is an upcoming happening are in Bali right next to Seminyak. It’s still a newbie and not many tourists have started visiting the place. Canggu is home to many exquisite villas, some beautiful beaches, and cute cafes.

D. Uluwatu

This area is much calmer than any other places in Bali. It has a temple located on top of the hill and has several attractions like luxury resorts and beautiful beaches. Uluwatu is an ideal place to live for a night or two.

3. Its all about the money, dude.

The main currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupees and I’d advise you to keep enough cash in your pocket all the time as many of the places there don’t accept cards.

Make sure to exchange money only in authorized money exchanges and the ones that have a camera installed in it because there are a number of unauthorized places there who’d tempt you with cheap exchange rates and pull off a scam from right under your nose. Also, don’t forget to collect the receipt before you leave.

4. Language

Indonesian is the main language in Bali, but there are English speakers as well in the tourist areas. Don’t fret talking to the localities there, there are very welcoming and helpful.


5. Mode of transport

To have the best experience in Bali, get around on the back of a scooter. You may find many apps on your phone like Grab and Uber where a rider on a motorbike comes to pick you up. Another option is rent out a scooter, it’s affordable and also easily accessible. Do note that, when you’re traveling by taxi, make sure the driver has turned on the meter as you don’t want to be paying a fixed amount that drivers demand which is usually much more than the normal price.

6. Things to do in Bali

Now we’re talking! The most important step in Bali travel guide

Here’s list of things you can do in Bali to make it your most memorable trip of the lifetime:

A. Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa session

B. Explore the mighty waterfalls of Bali

The ones not to miss are Banyumala waterfall, Aling- Aling waterfall, Sekumpul waterfall, Tibumana waterfall and Gitgit Waterfall.

C. Visit the divine temples of Bali

Purah Besakh, Saraswati, Tannah lot, Ulun darun beratan, Purah Besakth, and Uluwatu- are some must go temples of Bali.

D. Get on a shopping spree

Seminyak and Ubud market has some great collection of local arts, souvenirs, crafts, accessories, and clothing.  Important: Don’t forget to bargain! Strike the best deal you can!

E. Experience the thrill of water and adventure sports

Bali has something for every adventure junkie. From mountain hiking to volcano trekking, to snorkeling, to Dolphin sightseeing and not to forget, The Bali Swing!

F. Get down with culture

You can’t just leave Bali without witnessing the Balinese cultural dance.

G. Survive the monkey forest

Don’t forget to carefully go through the instructions before you make a visit to this forest.

H. Go back to school

You can learn various skills in Bali that you may not have gotten a chance to learn at home.  From jewelry paint to paint to coconut carvings, to Yoga classes, to cooking, there’s something for everyone.

7. What to eat in Bali

Last step in Bali travel guide.

Bali has some fabulous food that would make you drool. Here are some authentic dishes that you should definitely try:

A. Babi Guling

The whole pig is slowly roasted here to make it moist.

B. Nasi Campur

Super tasty and cheap mixed rice

C. Bubur Injin

Sweet, thick black rice served with coconut.

D. Sambal

It is made with sweet, spicy and sour chili spices.

Now you have seen the spectacular images, got drawn by the mystery and beauty of this magical island. Why not just pack your bags and leave right away?

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